Vafo Group: Proven pet food producer

About us

VAFO GROUP is a leading producer of premium pet food, pet snack, and supplements.

The company was established in 1994 and will turn its 25 years soon. Within the 20 years of existence the company reached incredible development and became one of the leading producers in Europe with annual turnover over 140 mio euro in 2017.

The company´s primary goal is to produce superior products that fulfil the highest quality standards. Due to focus on premium quality, all of the company’s production plants are equipped with the most modern technology in order to provide a wide variety of premium product options. Fresh meat extrusion, own laboratory, and brand-new wet food factory developed according to human food production standards are some of the company´s latest investments.

The company´s flagship brand Brit was created in 1999. Nowadays it is exported to almost 70 countries throughout four continents and holds a significant market share in the CEE, Scandinavia, and the Baltics. As a part of consistent evolution rooted in the company´s values to provide the best care VAFO developed its new line of veterinary diets:

BRIT Veterinary Diet

It incorporates the best knowledge and expertise acquired within the years of successful development and production of pet food nutrition. The goal is to provide the veterinarians and their clients a safe alternative to the existing brands.

Brit Veterinary Diets – the key approach

The range of Brit veterinary diet is composed without using any common allergens such as beef, diary, wheat, corn, and soy. Protein sources are carefully selected in order to comply with the nutritional target. The formulas are enriched with functional ingredients such as probiotics, bioactive vitamins, and DHA and EPA rich ingredients to support the nutritional and functional properties of the diets. The products are tested by veterinary clinics using a standardised method.

The key benefits of our formulas:


Grains are often so called “empty calories”. Grain are often related compound with pet obesity. Therefore, Brit Veterinary diet is formulated as grain free that provides great tolerance of the recipes, and prevents obesity.

NO chicken proteins and chicken fat

Does not contain the usual proteins or fats from commercial diets. Suitable for dogs with food allergies and sensitivity to common types of meat.


Probiotics are modern functional supplement that contribute to general health condition improvement and convalescence through the stabilisation of the gut flora and digestion.

Omega-3, DHA, EPA

High content of omega-3, DHA, EPA-rich ingredients in order to provide the anti-inflammatory effect and stimulate the proper skin barrier function.